PowerPoint Tutorial: How to Create Blurred Backgrounds

Blurred backgrounds are a great way to add depth and visual interest to your slide designs. The effect is popular in both web design and e-learning. Here’s how you can create the effect using PowerPoint.

This tutorial and template was first published in E-Learning Heroes and featured in Articulate’s downloads!




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  2. Judy

    Thank you for this; you’ve inspired me! I wanted to create a blurred image but have a part of the image be clear – as the “main focal” point.

    To do this, I inserted two images (identical images) directly on top of each other. I cropped the top image down to the area of the image I wanted focus on, and then blurred the back (under) image. Finally, I used the “soft edges” special effect on the top image so that it seamlessly blended into the back image.

    Again, I wouldn’t have thought of how to do this so easily without your example, here. Thanks!

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