Tabs Interactions are Everywhere!

One of the most versatile e-learning templates is the tabs interaction. Tabs are one of the best ways to chunk content while giving learners more control to pull content when they want it.

In a recent e-learning challenge #272, I shared a playful notebook tabs interaction.

View the examples | Download the template

E-Learning Heroes to the Rescue

One thing I appreciate about Articulate’s ELH community is the constructive feedback members share.

Admittedly, I didn’t spend a lot of time putting this template together, but I was proud of how it came together.

A few days after sharing the original template, a fellow community member, Jeff, reworked the tabs to include visual highlighting to emphasize the selected tabs. He then shared his updates in the community.

View the discussion in E-Learning Heroes

Revised Template with Three Versions

Jeff’s feedback was great, but I couldn’t decide which version I liked best. In the end, I decided to include all three versions.

Storyline 360 Interface

View the examples | Download the template

Do you have a favorite style? What would you do differently to emphasize the selected tabs?

Share your ideas in the comments below or the original thread in E-Learning Heroes. Your ideas could help this template grow into four or more tab examples.

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